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Defeats at the end of the year

The Dukes suffered two defeats on the last matchday of 2023. A narrow 6:7 against SV Taunusstein-Neuhof was followed by a resounding 16:1 defeat against SV Espenau Rangers.

The Dukes got off to a good start in the game against SV Taunusstein-Neuhof. After just over nine minutes, Eirik Falk was the first player to score. However, Taunusstein-Neuhof then scored three more goals through the strong Felix Schneider before the break. However, the 1:3 half-time score from the Dukes' point of view did not necessarily reflect the course of the game, as the team from Darmstadt often dominated the game, but then often acted too hectically in the decisive situations. Taunusstein-Neuhof were able to extend their lead by a further goal at the start of the second half before Eirik Falk reduced the deficit to 2:4. In a game that was subsequently characterised by a great deal of niggles and a number of 2-minute penalties, the Dukes were able to level the scores at 6:6. However, Taunusstein-Neuhof found an answer again just seconds before the final buzzer through Felix Schneider, who scored the decisive 6:7.

Against the technically strong Rangers from Espenau in the second game of the day, however, the course of the game was clearer. After the Rangers needed a little time to get going, they gradually pulled away to 10:0 before Rhea Riegler scored the Dukes' consolation goal shortly before half-time. The visitors then went into the break with an 11:1 lead. Darmstadt were more stable defensively in the second half, but there was still not much going right in offence, meaning the game was ultimately lost 16:1. The Dukes were also able to thank a strong Martin Lexa in goal, who defused a number of dangerous situations and saved the team from a higher defeat.

All in all, the typical Dukes blue jerseys with the white shorts were thus given an unsuccessful send-off and there is plenty of room for improvement for 2024. At least the team from Darmstadt will remain in second place at least until December. Next year, things will continue in quick succession with the matchday in Taunusstein-Neuhof on the first weekend in February and immediately afterwards with the home matchday on the second weekend in February.

To a successful year 2024!

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